How we helped two non-technical founders 

launch their mobile MVP in 3 months



What is BIZI 

Bizi is a startup based in Tel Aviv that revolutionizes the way people get updates regarding what’s happening in their city. 



Instagram is too broad

Instagram is great but too generic for people specifically looking to see what’s happening in the coolest venues in their city.

While Instagram allows users to post pictures and videos from various venues, these posts are intermingled with posts on a wide range of other topics, making it difficult for users to get a sense of what’s happening in cafes, restaurants, bars, or clubs around the city. 


A niche social media platform

Bizi is a mobile app that provides a platform that allows users to share their food and drink experiences as well as showcase the best places to go out and have a good time. It comes with all the usual bells and whistles of existing social media apps, such as likes, follows, push notifications, etc.

Bizi also provides a way for clubs, bars, cafes, and restaurants to promote their offerings and attract new customers.


Product & Tech

Fixed budget, and tight deadline

The founders had a very extensive list of features they wanted to include in their MVP while also staying within budget and launching the app in 4 months.

Photo and Video Uploading

The app had to be media heavy with the users being able to take and upload photos and videos.

Native vs. Hybrid 

The app had to be both developed for iOS and Android, but this was challenging considering the extensive feature scope and the fixed budget. This was the reason we chose to adopt a hybrid solution using Google’s Flutter to develop the app using a single codebase.

Google Maps API integration

In order to allow the users to search for the places they wanted to post from, we had to integrate Google Maps API.

Content Management System (CMS)

The founders needed a back office to curate the predefined venues within the app and schedule and send push notifications.

How we did it

  • Step one


    After a thorough roadmapping session with all stakeholders with a clear focus on the business vision and the value proposition, we had the necessary information to create a comprehensive features list for the MVP to test our main assumptions. Our experts’ main priority was to answer all questions raised during scope preparation. In terms of technical details, we prepared a detailed analysis outlining our suggestions regarding the tech stack selection.

  • Step two

    Clickable Prototype

    Our team created a prototype that simulates user interaction, allowing us to test the information architecture, user experience, and present a tangible result to all stakeholders. The prototype closely resembles the final product and proved to be an effective way to gather feedback and refine the design.

  • Step three

    Full Development

    With the decisions closed in the previous step, we developed the product through agile cycles.  We were super responsive and provided feedback throughout the development process and delivered the fully working app in three months, well ahead of the tight deadline

  • Step four


    After launching the product, we gathered feedback from end users and used it to improve the product. We continued to iterate and add new features in parallel to ensure end-users had the best possible experience.

Technologies used

Key Features

Social Login

Bizi users can login using their Google or Apple credentials.


Back office - CMS

Admins can use a fully fledged back office where they maintain the app’s content and send push notifications to the users.

Camera Usage

Users can take and upload photos and videos. 

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