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Sustainable Mobile Banking Experience

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Project Overview

The first sustainable German bank introduced a mobile banking app that seamlessly blends eco-friendly initiatives with digital banking, offering users a clear insight into their green investments. 


Emphasis on Sustainability

The bank’s primary challenge was to develop an app that would not only provide standard banking functionalities but also emphasize its dedication to sustainable practices.

The goal was to craft an intuitive user experience that would highlight the bank’s sustainable ventures, ensuring users could easily locate and learn about the eco-friendly companies the bank collaborates with.

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Visualizing the Sustainable Experience

Apptiva rose to the challenge, taking charge of developing the app’s sustainability section. This section was envisioned as the heart of the bank’s green initiatives, offering users a deep dive into the bank’s sustainable practices.



Product & Tech

Interactive Map View

By integrating the Google Maps API, users could geographically explore the sustainable companies the bank partners with, gaining insights into the bank’s eco-friendly investments.

Clutter-free Experience

Google Maps Clustering ensured a streamlined map view, grouping nearby locations and offering users an intuitive map experience.

Real-time Sustainable Insights

External APIs were integrated to fetch real-time data about the sustainable companies, ensuring users always received up-to-date information.

Dynamic Content Management 

In The Drupal CMS integration empowered the bank to effortlessly manage and update content, keeping the app’s sustainability section vibrant and current.

How we did it

  • Step one


    Apptiva engaged in thorough sessions with stakeholders to understand the bank's vision, challenges, and areas for improvement. A comprehensive feature list was created, outlining the functionalities and integrations required for the sustainability section.

  • Step two

    Clickable Prototype

    A prototype was developed to simulate user interactions, allowing for testing of the information architecture and user experience. This prototype closely resembled the final product and was instrumental in gathering feedback and refining the design.

  • Step three

    Full Development

    With the decisions made in the previous steps, Apptiva adopted agile development cycles. The team was responsive, providing feedback throughout the development process, and successfully delivered the fully working app's sustainability section.

  • Step four


    Post-launch, feedback was gathered from end-users, leading to continuous improvements and feature additions. Apptiva ensured that the app's sustainability section remained dynamic, relevant, and user-friendly.

Technologies used

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Key Features

Google Maps Clustered Map

Interactive Map

Users could geographically explore the sustainable companies the bank partners with.

Real-time Data

External APIs ensured users always received up-to-date information about the sustainable companies.


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