Lead Generation Process Automation

How we helped a SEO agency increase leads by 20%

and reduce manual tasks by 60%



Overcoming Manual Lead Generation Hurdles

The agency’s lead generation process was labor-intensive and involved several steps, including the use of different SaaS tools such as Hunter.io for email finding and verification, and AHrefs for SEO analytics. This not only consumed a significant amount of time but also led to potential errors and inconsistencies. The agency was spending more time managing the process than focusing on their core business activities, which was impacting their productivity and growth.

The agency’s team was also facing challenges in tracking and managing leads due to the disparate systems. There was a lack of visibility into the lead generation process, making it difficult to measure performance and make data-driven decisions. They needed a solution for lead generation process automation.

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Streamlining Processes with Automation

Apptiva proposed a project-based solution to automate the agency’s lead generation and evaluation process. Our team of developers and automation experts worked closely with the agency to understand their needs and challenges.

We developed a solution that integrated the agency’s various SaaS tools, including Hunter.io and AHrefs, into a streamlined, automated process. This not only reduced the time spent on manual tasks but also increased the accuracy and consistency of the lead generation process.

The solution was a Google Sheet that streamlined the whole process. We used Google Apps Script to call all the external SaaS APIs and automate every step of the process. The Google Sheet acted as a central hub for all lead generation activities, with data from different SaaS tools being pulled in and processed automatically. This eliminated the need for manual data entry and reduced the risk of errors.


Enhanced Productivity & Growth

The implementation of the lead generation process automation brought about significant improvements for the agency. There was a noticeable 20% increase in leads and a substantial 60% reduction in manual tasks. This efficiency allowed the agency’s team to shift their focus to their core business activities, leading to improved productivity and growth.

Moreover, the solution provided the agency with better visibility into their lead generation process, enabling them to make data-driven decisions. This transformation not only streamlined their operations but also enhanced their strategic capabilities.

In conclusion, by understanding the agency’s challenges and needs, Apptiva was able to develop a solution that not only automated their lead generation process but also improved its efficiency and accuracy. This case study demonstrates the power of lead generation process automation in transforming business processes, leading to increased productivity and growth.

Product & Tech

Integration of Multiple SaaS Tools

The agency was using several different SaaS tools in their lead generation process. Integrating these tools into a single, automated process was a significant challenge. Each tool had its own unique features and functionalities, and we needed to ensure that the integration was seamless and efficient.

Ensuring Accuracy and Consistency

With the manual process, there was a risk of errors and inconsistencies. Our solution needed to ensure that the automated process was accurate and consistent. We implemented robust error handling and data validation mechanisms to ensure the integrity of the data.

User Training and Support 

Implementing a new system can be challenging for users. We needed to provide comprehensive training and support to the agency’s team to ensure they could effectively use the new system.

How we did it

  • Step one


    We started with a thorough roadmapping session with all stakeholders. This helped us understand the agency's business vision, value proposition, and the specific challenges they were facing with their lead generation process. We discussed their current process in detail, identifying the pain points and areas for improvement.


  • Step two


    With a clear understanding of the agency's needs, we developed the automation solution. We used agile development cycles, providing feedback and making adjustments throughout the process. We ensured that the solution was scalable and flexible, capable of adapting to the agency's evolving needs.


  • Step three


    Once the solution was developed, we implemented it into the agency's lead generation process. We provided training and support to ensure a smooth transition from the manual process to the automated one. We also provided documentation and user guides to help the team understand how to use the new system effectively.


  • Step four


    After the implementation, we gathered feedback from the agency and made further refinements and additional feature additions.

Technologies used

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